Eclipse Photographer’s Checklist

Earlier this year I presented a live webinar on Solar Eclipse Imaging. One of the handouts I prepared was a checklist to help photographers get ready for the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017. It listed many of the things you should do days or even weeks before the eclipse. That way, you’ll avoid many potential problems on the big day itself.

I’m reproducing it here to share with a bigger audience.

Photography Preparation Checklist (weeks before eclipse)

    Set up all your equipment for testing
  • Make checklist of all necessary equipment
    (camera, lens, solar filter, tripod, batteries, memory cards, cables, adapters, chargers, etc.)
  • Include any tools you will need
  • For video camera or computer, how long do batteries last?
  • If planning bursts with a DSLR, how may shots before buffer is full?

    For maximum stability, set tripod as low as practical
  • Do not extend center column
  • Hang weight (water bottle, bag of rocks, etc.) from center of tripod or tape to legs

    Practice aiming, framing and tracking the Sun with your camera
  • If using equatorial mount, learn how to polar align in daytime
    (use compass for NORTH & angle finder for LATITUDE)
  • If NOT using equatorial mount, practice tracking Sun
    (how long does it take the Sun to drift out of your field of view?)
  • Note: Sun moves across the sky at the rate of 1 diameter every 2 minutes

    Make sure you can remove the solar filter quickly without moving Sun out of field
  • Solar filter must be secure enough that wind won’t blow it off
  • Practice removing filter smoothly

    Prepare brief Eclipse Day notes
  • Use clipboard or index cards
  • List eclipse contact times for quick reference
  • Eclipse Day checklist
  • Any other notes you need at your fingertips

    Carefully pack up all your equipment
  • Set up all your equipment one last time
  • How long does it take to set up?
  • Consult checklist to make sure you have everything
  • Use poly tarp to lay out equipment before packing for eclipse
  • Don’t remove anything once you’ve packed

For more on the basics see Mr. Eclipse’s “How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse” and the Nikon Guide to Eclipse Photography. And check out Alan Dyer’s great ebook “How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse”.

Fred Espenak

As totality ends, the Sun begins to emerge from behind the Moon producing the dazzling diamond ring effect. Copyright 2005 by Fred Espenak.

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