After a 30-year career as a professional astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, I am now retired and loving the life of an amateur astronomer in the planned astronomy community called Arizona Sky Village. With no more research proposals to write and my very own observatory under the incredibly dark skies of southeastern Arizona, I am having the time of my life!

My website AstroPixels.com focuses on Bifrost Observatory and the astrophotography I do there. Problem is, I always seem to be way behind in processing images and posting my results. Furthermore, the website doesn’t lend itself as a platform for timely topics, comments and observations in any sort of chronological order.

That’s why I decided to start my blog Portal to the Universe. The title may seem a bit grandious but it’s a double entendre since it actually refers to my personal vantage point in Portal, Arizona where I gaze at the heavens via Bifrost Observatory.

I plan to use the Portal to the Universe blog as a way to share my experiences and thoughts as I explore the wonders of the night sky. I hope you’ll visit often.

Clear skies!

– Fred Espenak

P.S. – You can contact me at AstroPixels. For a little more about myself, see Espenak Bio.

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  1. Dear Fred, what a wonderful place to do your observing. After all those years at Goddard, you have certainly paid your due’s.
    I have only been observing for five years and when I started I was living in Devon which has some of the darkest skies in the UK. Of course I took this blessing for granted, knowing no better until I moved to Nottingham (my hometown) to care for my Mother who
    has been struck down by Dementia. What a difference!! lurid skyglow and seeing at it’s worst. Really discouraging at 2am on a January morning -10 degrees and ice forming on my lens! Still; I have come to love my time under the stars. I lament all those lost photons who have spent thousands of years coming to visit, only to be obliterated in the last 1/2 mile…and am glad that you are able to give them a better reception.
    Sincere best wishes,

  2. Hi Fred Espenak.
    I am a person living in South Korea is interested in universe.
    I saw on your site through the search.
    In absolute terms does not destroy the original. I want to use on my blog.
    do you mind if I use your pictures?
    I need your permission.
    If you allow this, the more people will find your site in Korea.
    Search through the Korea Blog.
    Please reply.

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