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    • Fred, I just wanted to say you your blog and website are just fantastic! I learn a ton whenever I visit — it’s such a good astronomy resource! Nice to have you as my next door neighbor too! Your 2012 DA14 video was very well done. Have you ever thought about doing live webcasts from Portal/Bifrost for astronomical events like this?
      Clear skies –

      • Thanks Jim! The problem with doing a live webcast is that it requires a lot of planning. I only decided to try imaging 2012 DA14 a day before it made its close flyby!

  1. Frd,

    I am hosting two workshops in Bettles AK Mar 6-13 and was wondering what your guess may be of seeing and photographing the comet along with the Aurora…if any appear.



    • This will be difficult because Panstarrs will be very low in the sky during evening twilight from Alaskan latitudes. But it’s certainly worth trying!

  2. 9 20 2015 Hello & good day to you & the readers, Thanks so much for all your efforts. I enjoy reading your site & learn a great deal of knowledge. You’re the BEST! Be well. v

  3. Wow Mr Eclipse thank you for all your work on eclipses. I am so excited for 8-21-17. Hope for clear weather in the blue ridge mtns cause I’ll be there.

  4. Thank you for this site. My question is: during the total eclipse of 1970 was a partial seen in Minnesota? If so what would it have looked like?

  5. Just wanted to say thanks on the great book “Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 August 21 Color Edition”.

    We used it to plan the trip and for all the great tips. Went to Bowling Green, Ky but the day of the eclipse due to the weather decided to move. Thanks to the book’s detailed maps and exact coordinates and pictures, roads, etc… were able to find a great place (Don’s park in Lebanon, Tn) to see the totality under a fully sunny sky. Thanks again, couldn’t have made it without the book.

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