After a 30-year career with NASA, I built Bifrost Astronomical Observatory in Portal, Arizona. Now I can enjoy stunning views of the Universe on any clear night.

Portal to the Universe is a blog to share my thoughts, photographs and experiences, as I explore the wonders of the night from the pristine, dark skies of Portal.
Of course, I post most of my astronomical images on AstroPixels.com and I still travel around the world in pursuit of solar eclipses (see MrEclipse.com). In spite of my retirement, I also continue to maintain NASA’s Eclipse Web Site.

But the Portal to the Universe blog is where all my astronomical activities converge. You can find links to my recent posts on the right-hand side of this Home page. Below recent posts are links to monthly archives of older posts. You can also search blog postings through the list of categories near the bottom right.

Please visit often and feel free to leave a reply/comment on any of my blog postings. And do share my blog with friends, family and anyone with a love of astronomy.

Clear skies!

Fred Espenak

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  1. WOW your photography is only surpassed by your passion for astronomy particularly solar. Great shot Fred and Pat. Hope all is well. Great Blog!!

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